(Miltonia Maui Titan x Odontocidium Harry Sutton) 'Lavender Lace'

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Hakalua, Hawaii


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We specialize in the oncidiinae intergeneric group (also known as exotics in some quarters); within this group we grow over 100 varieties. A mixed box (and that is how we sell them) contains 20 plants in 3.5 inch plastic grow pots. Plants are priced individually by size, number of spikes and genera (some of the varieties take longer to grow than others, if they grow faster we charge less). The prices range from $6.00 to $14.00 (at the high end of the price range would be a very large plant with many spikes). These prices are wholesale. Retail pricess would double or more.

Shipping is by FedEx or UPS, our account or yours. We have a negotiated discounted rate on lift out of Hawaii with both services. A typical box to the West Coast is about $30.00 and arrives the next day in some locations, Mid West is about $35.00 and arrives the second day, and to the East Coast is about $42.00 and arrives the second day. For those hard to serve areas we also use USPS.

Each plant is individually wrapped in a plastic sleeve and then locked into the box to prevent slippage and damage. We insure all our shipments.

I hope this gives you a better idea about Malika Orchids and what we do. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Aloha from the all of us at Malika Orchids