(Miltonia Maui Titan x Odontocidium Harry Sutton) 'Lavender Lace'

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Hakalua, Hawaii


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What to expect in a mixed box of orchids from Malika Orchids
Odontocidium Wild Willie 'Pacific Bingo' (Beallara Tropic Splendor x Odontioda Aloette) 'Everything Nice'
Odontocidium Wild Willie 'Pacific Bingo' Beallara Pacific Treasures 'Everything Nice'
Miltonia Sexy Lady 'Wanton' (Miltonidium Gilded Urchin x Odontioda Helen Perlite) 'Golden Star'
Miltonia Sexy Lady 'Wanton' Alexanderara Pacific Paradox 'Golden Star'
(Oncidium Sphacetante x Wilsonara Lisa Devos) 'Really, Really Red' Miltonidium Issaku Nagata 'Red Dove' Highly Commended Certificate/ AOS
Wilsonara Pacific Panache 'Really, Really Red' Oncidium Issaku Nagata 'Red Dove' Highly Commended Certificate/ AOS

These are not the exact orchid plants you will receive but representations of the types of plants we grow and sell. With these beautiful orchid plants you will also receive a culture sheet you can copy with your logo and letterhead to be given to your customers. To order call Rayna at 808.963.6233, or fax your order to 808.963.6736, or email your order to Rayna@theorchidworks.com