(Miltonia Maui Titan x Odontocidium Harry Sutton) 'Lavender Lace'

Malika Orchids, Inc.
Bringing the beauty and fragrance of Hawaii to your store!
Phone: 808.963.6233, E-mail: ken@theorchidworks.com

Hakalua, Hawaii


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Box of orchids ready for delivery to customer Orchid box packed and ready for sealing
This is what UPS or FedEx will deliver to your door.
When you open the box you will find 20+ individually wrapped plants in bud.
Plants groomed and individually wrapped (Miltonia Maui Titan x Odontocidium Harry Sutton) 'Lavender Lace'
  Each plant is groomed and individually wrapped for shipping. When your flowers start to open you can expect to see something of this nature.