(Miltonia Maui Titan x Odontocidium Harry Sutton) 'Lavender Lace'

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Most plants are in 3.5 inch square plastic pots which can be easily slipped into decorative pots for sale. We don't ship ceramic decorative pots because of the high air freight costs. We are looking into some low weight natural fiber decorative pots and hope to have them available in the near future.

The plant prices are based on the size of the plant and the number of spikes and overall stature. The prices vary from US$6.00 to an occasional US$14.00. The average price the last time we checked was about US$8.50.

Because most air freight is coming into Hawaii, UPS and FedEx gives us very favorable rates on lift back to the Continental U.S. A typical box of 20 plants is about US$40.00 for 2nd day delivery.

All sales are FOB Hakalau, Hawaii. We do our best assure safe delivery. If shipments are lost or delayed some carriers will reimburse for the insured value of the shipment. USPS will not insure plants. All carriers withdraw their guarantees during times of disasters beyond their control. Please keep this in mind when choosing a shipping method. Our typical ship days are Monday and Tuesday. Box and packing fee is $20.00 per box.

Payment Terms: Prepay invoice = -2%, payment received ten days from invoice date = -1%, payment received 11-30 days = net, payment received 30+ =1 1/2% per month or any part of the month, credit card with order net, credit card after invoice = net +2%. We are encouraging non-credit card sales in hopes that the savings will stay in our industry, not the banking industry. If you must use a credit card, it's OK. If you are a new customer, we ask for a credit card authorization just as security. When you remit on time we don't use the credit card. Wire transfer fees are averaging us about $15.00. So, if this is your payment methods of choice, please add on the $15.00 to your payment.

With new customers we require a credit card authorization for either payment or security if you are going to pay by check from the invoice. Please fill out the credit card security agreement and return it to us by fax. Aloha.